Brazilian dating norms

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3- Corporate Brazil is more hierarchical than the U. There is a level of separation that is simply a part of the culture.

Higher level executives don’t usually blend in with lower level employees and it’s still very common for employees to address executives as Mr. Higher level executives can also be called “doutor” or doctor even though they are not real doctors or don’t have a Ph D.

In the end, there is no right or wrong but there are things that simply won’t work in one country whereas it’s the norm in another.

No theory or guide compares to the experience of living “full time” in another country.

I learned that only when we face adversity, and live in a diverse environment every day, we are able to really understand the culture of a country and even better, learn more about our own country and culture.

If there is no connection or affinity the deal may be off.

As a new business partnership develops a lot of time will be spent dining and having coffee. To them, it’s about getting the work done, no matter what it takes.

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