Breckin meyer dating amy smart

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Smart is dating actor Branden Williams, with whom she has been involved for more than 15 years.Her former roommate and best friend Ali Larter appeared alongside Smart in the film Varsity Blues and modeled with her in Milan.

Smart was born in Topanga, California, the daughter of Judy, a museum worker, and John Smart, a salesman.The animals had treats in the cages such as peanut butter, jelly and and nuts to keep them busy.The costumes were put on some of the squirrels just before cameras rolled and were very loose fitting and fastened with velcro.Ten squirrels were used in the scene: Isaac, Peter, Jaime, Samantha, Carrie, KC, Billy, Chatter, Chester and Hazel.All the animals were placed by trainers into the cages just before filming began and removed immediately once the scene was over.

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