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Surveillance footage shows a man in a white collared shirt and white baseball cap walk into the ward, where multiple patients are receiving treatment.That man, according to Albeu News, had previously had a dispute with one of the patients, identified only as 47-year-old D. Video shows him walking over to another man and suddenly dousing him with fluid identified by Albeu as gasoline.During a period when China counted the Eastern European country’s Stalinist regime as a loyal ally against a backdrop of Western imperialists and Soviet revisionists, movies such as as a teenager – partly through the admittedly chaste war-time romance between the protagonists, and also because of the clothes they wore.(Chen’s recollections echo the representations made about rural life in 1960s China in the 2005 film .) When I met Piro Milkani, one of the film’s two directors, in Albania two years ago, he proudly told me how “millions and millions” watched his films in China."It's everybody's dream to get to America," Kupa, 38, said in the ornate dining room of La Fontana Della Citta at 17th and Spruce Streets, which he and partners opened a decade ago, six years after he arrived in the States. All my family was in Philly and worked in the food industry here, so, as a young guy, I followed my family's steps. This was our first season, and it has been extremely busy. This one [La Fontana] was the big hit because when we first opened, the economy was falling. The younger generation, we really feel like we are Italians in a way. When you move to a different country, you don't think of opening an Albanian restaurant, you really think opening [an] Italian restaurant because we feel like we are Italians. Then I started working as a waiter with my cousins at a restaurant at the Shore called La Fontana Del Mare [in Strathmere]. Late last year, an opportunity came in Somers Point, N. A lot of customers wanted to save every dollar they could. They save a lot of money on the bottle of wines, and they have their own selection that they like. When communism collapsed, the most loving neighbor country was Italy. The Albanian Cinema Project, an organisation comprising local and international experts dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the country’s films, issued a statement emphasising how these movies address the “rich and complex legacies of communist-era film production”, and are vital for both Albanian and international audiences “to confront and come to terms with this past”.More than just generating nostalgia in Albania for the communist dictatorship which collapsed in 1992, the films have informed scholars and filmmakers trying to understand how authoritarian regimes wield power.

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We try to get our products strictly imported from Italy, and we deal directly with small companies.

Images from those thousands of features and documentaries held at the country’s archives are given new and sometimes subversive contexts in films or special programmes at international film festivals.

More material from tyrants themselves is being used in films about repressive regimes.

The Albanian Mafia participates in a diverse range of criminal enterprises including trafficking in drugs, arms, humans, and human organs.

The Albanian criminal scenario is characterized by diversified criminal plans which, in their complexity, show one of the highest criminal capacities in the world.

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