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If your basement has already flooded, do NOT try to cut off the power on your own. Their workers will cut the service to the meter or utility pole.

Even if your house is flooded, you can safely drink tap water if your water is provided by the municipal water system.

If your basement is in danger of flooding, do cut the power to the entire home to prevent any danger of electrocution or fire.

Make sure that your feet are on dry ground and that you are not leaning against a metal object.

8000, to make the request, and must provide the following information: If you need to go to a clinic or doctor's office in affected areas, you should call ahead.

Health authorities in the West Island say the CLSC Pierrefonds will be open this Monday, but there will be limited road access.

Claude est impliqué au niveau communautaire en tant que membre du Centre local de développement(CLD) Thérèse-De Blainville, de la chambre de commerce et d’industrie Thérèse-De Blainville, de la chambre de commerce de Saint-Hyacinthe et de la jeune chambre de commerce Maskoutaine.The City of Montreal says if your home is flooded but water has not reached the fuse box, evacuation is not necessary.However, if you're worried, contact 311 and ask that a fire prevention officer come to assess the safety of your home.En 2006, il devient membre de l' Association canadienne du commerce des valeurs mobilières.En janvier 2012, il fonde la compagnie Ascendi, une entreprise œuvrant dans la gestion de finances, à Blainville.

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