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"I'm not going to be a star, I'm going to be a legend," Freddie Mercury said at the outset of his career.Here, to mark the birthday of Queen's late frontman, are 25 reasons he turned out to be right."He had an extraordinary vocal range of nearly five octaves.Sample lyrics: "You make me so very happy / When you cuddle up and go to sleep beside me / And then you make me slightly mad / When you pee all over my Chippendale Suite."Queen came close to breaking up back in the '70s as the bandmates "argued about everything—even the air that we breathe," Mercury recalled.But lead guitarist (and astrophysicist) Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor remember Freddie as the band's peacemaker, a "great diplomat."Here's how Annie Lennox put it after Mercury's death in 1991: "For me, he represents an era when people were less afraid of living life to the full ... There's a glorious rebelliousness about it, of freedom attached to it, that represents that whole spirit of rock and roll."After years of rumors, Mercury confirmed that he had AIDS on November 23, 1991. Mary Austin has said that, respecting Freddie's wishes, she will never reveal where she buried his ashes.Lomax made a field trip to southwest Louisiana in 1934, where he recorded Wayne Perry.

They are the basis of songs done by people like Austin Pitre, Bois Sec and Canray, Iry Lejeune, and others.He was the first to record the Lake Arthur Stomp under that title. ) Lafleur, later Moise Robin, on accordion is thought to be the second Cajun musician to record. Here we feature some of his later recordings with his string bands the Rhythm Boys and the Four Aces.Authorship of the Lake Arthur Stomp is ascribed to the remarkable fiddler Varise Conner, whose music is featured in a tribute earlier on this Web site. Frankie and Johnny, popularized by Jimmie Rodgers, gets an instrumental treatment with a lot of attitude!"Typically, an opera singer's vibrato has this frequency of about 5.5-6 Hz," noted professor Christian Herbst."Freddie Mercury's is higher."With his flamboyant bodysuits, brightly colored jackets and skintight leather getups, Freddie outdid Lady Gaga before she was born. "It's not a concert you're seeing, it's a fashion show."Produced in 1975, the "Bohemian Rhapsody" video marked a sea change in the music business. Freddie hadn't planned to write a song with David Bowie when the rock legend dropped by a studio in Switzerland to sing backup on a Queen song.

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