Daughter dating deadbeat pest analysis online dating

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My daughter got an IUD without informing me, so I assume they’re sexually active.Two days ago, I crept into the apartment to check on something and found bondage items on her bed—a set of formidable leather restraints.The 18-year-old was devastated that he was more interested in her younger sister.I spoke to the 16-year-old about it, which is when I found out this boy is going to be a sophomore in college.No, you shouldn’t go to your stepdaughter and say, “You got hot, and I get boners when you put your legs on my lap, so stop.” But you should put an end to the cuddling.When she plops down on the couch, go take a walk or a shower or a shit.(If not for me, she might seek attention from douchebag teenage boys trying to take advantage.) I want to continue to play this role for her.But when she comes in wearing tiny shorts and puts her legs over my lap, I get rock hard.

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We agreed not to go into the apartment when she wasn’t present, and I know there will be a loud “discussion” if I tell her what I saw.

Insert Dad Acronym Here Obviously Sometimes children grow up and get hot, and bonus adults in their lives—typically (and thankfully) not their bio or lifelong parents—can’t help but notice.

The onus is on the adult in that situation to suppress that shit.

And a scary-to-mom set of restraints is a lot safer than nylon clothesline or cheap handcuffs.

Leather restraints distribute pressure evenly, making them less likely to pinch a nerve or cut off circulation.

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