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he's NOT banging Amber Rose, that's according to Amber ...who says the hookup the whole internet is talking about never happened.A computer geek almost from the moment he could type, Rose got his start as a programmer at the age of 8 by banging away on the family's Commodore 64 computer.Never one for schoolwork, his mother once took his keyboard as punishment for not taking his grades more seriously.There were reports Amber and Kevin had hit up The Nice Guy together on Tuesday night, and a potential romance -- and maybe even a brand new power couple -- was brewing.But, when we got Amber (who's really, really attractive) out in L. Wednesday night, she smashed rumors that she's smashing the NBA All-Star, saying they just happened to be at the same restaurant. It's the rest of the NBA breathing a sigh of relief.

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Internet entrepreneur Kevin Rose was born February 21, 1977, in Las Vegas, Nevada.Bill is the founder and first CEO of Google Ventures (GV).With .0 billion under management and investments in Uber and Nest, GV was described as one of the hottest venture funds in Silicon Valley under his leadership. Warriors star Kevin Durant and model/fashion designer Amber Rose were seen together at the same restaurant in LA last week and, of course, everyone has since assumed that they’re doing adult things with one another.“I was not with him at all,” Rose told TMZ.“We were at the same restaurant, that’s it.”Durant has been a fan of Rose’s for years as he tweeted at her in 2010: “@Da Real Amber Rose I kno this is random but I seen u in LA and u got the meanest bald head ever!!! ”That’s a pick up line if I’ve ever seen one, comparing a girl you like to a 1990s NBA basketball player.“Hey girl, look at you lookin’ all Detlef Schrempf-y tonight.”See? Mama Drama It looks as though the front-runner for sports feud of the year is over, due to Shaq’s mom.

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