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individual is then placed under overt and covert forms of surveillance.Everywhere the Targeted Individual goes, their name is flagged.Electronic means are used to monitor, harass and torture the target.When the target tries to describe what is happening to them, it sounds as if they have had a mental breakdown. I like that I pay you, and you keep making good software, and keep making it better.Individuals can be placed on such lists designating them as potentially Violent Person’s or persons who have displayed inappropriate behaviours, and it flags them as individuals to be watched.

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Even with more modern stuff, if they still exist in name, they bear essentially zero relation to the original product. You improve MC incrementally, without the (marketing/investment-driven) need to "revolutionize" the interface every few years, or tear up and throw away the business model to embrace this years new fancy trend. Canadian Center of Occupational Health and Safety The identity of the person and the nature of the risk must be given to staff likely to come into contact with that person.While workers have the right to know the risks, it is important to remember that this information cannot be indiscriminately distributed. It seems that employers, educational facilities, and community centers are in some cases placing innocent individuals on such lists as a means of retaliation, silencing, or controlling members of society.An innocent person can be added to a Violent Person’s Registry without knowing it, and given a Violent Person Designation, which will flag and send their names out to every area they visit.Jane Clift was targeted this way and spent four year clearing her name.

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