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He then ran a security firm and served as assistant police chief in Edison, a village in Morrow County.

Myers sued Wolfe and the county for defamation and settled for 5,000.

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The agent also noticed someone watching a live streaming video of children between 6 and 16 engaging in sex. Agents traced the user to an internet address at Wolfe's Sunbury home. Agents searching Wolfe's computer recovered 486 videos and 203 images of preteen girls and boys displaying their genitals and, in some cases, being sexually assaulted by adults.

The original, three-count complaint said Wolfe's activity was traced back to November 2012. Wolfe told Sargus that he wanted to make the day he was arrested "the best day that ever happens to me." "I knew I would finally get the help I wanted, that I needed," he said.

Wolfe ran for sheriff in 20, losing both times to Myers. Wolfe pleaded guilty in March 2016 to distributing child pornography. "But he wasn't charged with that, so I won't sentence him with it." Instead, Mark W.She also had briefly explored some of Columbus’ popular areas (like Short North and German Village), but she wanted some examples of fun places to go where it would be easy to approach people.Luckily, several locals jumped in to offer numerous suggestions, including Jessica H., who invited her to an upcoming event with her friends at the Bluestone concert venue.

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