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The next part of the video is captioned, “This is me in the solo interview.” Then acting like a “baller wife” in a confessional, she says, “Hi, my name is Jazz Anderson, I date the water boy for the Cavaliers,” clearly poking fun at the lack of actual wives now on the docu-series.

It seemingly is all in good fun, though the commenters would have you thinking this is downright war between Jazz and Shaunie and Duffey.

Silver, an MIT Media Lab Maker, brought in a bag of tricks to demonstrate how to hack everyday objects.“A Better You” was part of [email protected], a new series of salons held at our New York headquarters at 250 Hudson Street.Since our main conferences are only twice a year, [email protected] is an opportunity for talks that rethink headlines and respond to conversation happening in real time. Tech reporter Jill Duffy spoke next, giving nine useful tips on how to conquer email before it conquers you.Among them: Keep your unread emails to about a page, save canned responses or email templates so you don’t always end up typing the same thing, and don’t be afraid to delete emails — and let go of the obligations that they represent.

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